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The magical Adventures of Cazius!

chapter "n"

I um, dunno how to start. Im Steven. Look below for my intrests, if you reckon you share the same then I hope I contribute to your overall learning process in this big bad world. WHAT.THE.FUCK was that? I go to college three days a week studying HNC Media. I hope to go be a big bad media tycoon but not a tosser like rupert murdoch. If I end up flunking college then Ill go to college and do something boring which im good at like computer programming or something, pfft.
I work in McDonalds when I have any spare time and have done so since the end of november last year. Yes I am sad, but you dont get meals for £1.99 or breakfasts for £1.50.. whoes laughing now?
On a friday Night I like to go out and get off my face, but i seldom pass up the oppertunity to get off my face and day / night of the week.
I am also a season ticket holder at Livingston Football Club who I follow home and away (providing the game is on a sat). Errr, is there anything else I can put here? hmm, memorable moments?
I have played guitar for coming up three years (I think). That makes me sound like such a pro. I'm not. I just piss about with my vastarray of effects and make funny noises. My musical influences include Machine Head, Incubus, Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Mudvayne (for the SICK.ASS.DISCHORDS)
I go to gigs whenever I can. I have seen loads of bands individually as well as going to Download 2004.I witnessed Joey play with metallica. Score!

Three of my most memorable moments in life are ;
Seeing my favourite band and the best live band on the planet in glasgow last year. Machine Head RULE.
Download Festival 2004
Livingston FC Winning the Scottish League Cup, beating Hibs 2-0 in the final, getting smashed before and after the game and outsinging 40,000 hibs fans (there were about 9,000 of us)

That'll do I suppose.